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September, 2011
March, 2012
May, 2012

Welcome Diamond Allstars
BrickHouse Athletics would like to welcome Diamond Allstars cheer competition teams to our new facility.  March Sadoski is director and head coach for the Diamonds.  If you have questions, or your child is interested in competition cheer, Coach March can be contacted at (254) 707-0227 or (254) 707-2719 call or text or email her at DiamondsShine@brickhouseathletics.com

Diamond Allstars start a new season in April.
4-5:30pm  Level 2 (3rd grade and under)
5:30-7pm  Show squad (3-5 year olds)

4-6pm Level 3
6-8pm Level 3 (coed)

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